Thanks for your support. Although my 16 year marriage ended in divorce I'm no longer filled with the anger and rage I was struggling with because of the divorce. My ex-wife and I are geniunely cordial and respectful towards each other because of your sound advice. You kept drilling us to understand that despite the divorce that we had to work as a team for the sake of our boys. Now my boys enjoy the love of individual parents working collectively for their benefit rather than experience the vitriol anger that use to consume us - especially me.

Kevin James


My life changed for the better sitting under the teachings of Brother Reggie. Having been a person always wearing one mask or another, I learned to remove the facade and be the best Rob I could be. Brother Reggie has willingly shared his wisdom with me during midday chats as well as post midnight phone calls driven by my stress. I count Reggie as a Big Brother and a mentor for life."

Robert Colbert


I witnessed my husband Don being drawn to Reggie in a way that I never saw him drawn by another person. In their interactions I watched Reggie refuse to compromise his position to accommodate Don. They would talk. Don would ask Reggie to preference his position and in doing so he would take Don to scripture. Reggie possesses the ability to speak scripturally without ever mentioning bible or verse unless asked. I have since introduced many of my friend's husbands to Reggie and the responses of the wives are consistent: they are amazed at how their husbands are drawn in by a brother evangelizing unbeknownst to them. "That's a good brother" is what I often hear said about Reggie. God is good!

Darline Bridges


During the 2011-12 Life Skills training module - facilitated by Where Ya At and Adam's House - the curriculum was concluded with a random survey of 50 men. Of those 50 men polled 43 or 87.7 percent reported those classes were critical in learning skills that helped them to properly manage their anger. Overwhelmingly the men admitted entering the program angry not knowing how to negotiate stressful conditions and exited the curriculum equipped with talents and abilities to manage those angry moments. The exploration of finding oneself in those tensed filled situations served as the most vital part of the men's learning as reported by those surveyed.

Graduates of 2011-12 Life Skills Training Curriculum


Some serve because they want to others serve because they need to, but there are some who serve because they were born to! If ever there were a naturally God gifted marriage and men empowerment specialist, it's Reggie! His proven track record and amazing ability to articulate the common and collective issues of marriage and men, makes him number one on my list of mentoring practitioners. Whether speaking to a large audience, a group, couple or individual, Reggie Williams is the man - a motivator of men and mentor of marriages.

Dr. Leonard N. Smith, Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church (Arlington, Va.)


Reggie has answered his call of prophesy to the people of his time, and has challenged the culture to embrace its greater calling, which is communion with God and a commitment to family and community will all humanity.

Kevin Jackson, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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