For each job offer that you submit a resume make sure that resume is customized specifically for that job offer.

It is safe to assume that your attention will be difficult to acquire when someone addresses you by some name other than yours. Making the destructive choice to submit a generic resume is akin to calling someone by a name other than theirs. It also suggests to a prospective employer that your work ethic mirrors the character of your submitted resume. Enhance your chance of being hired by tailoring your work history to be in alignment with the job you are applying for.

To shape your resume you should survey the job offer and find keywords and phrases within the offer; utilize the employer's wording in the customization of your resume. Allow a standard resume format to be your guide in crafting your resume, however make sure that your individuality isn't loss in that traditional format.

Promote your achievements rather than list your previous job functions.

Highlighting your achievements speaks in a volume greater than the volume of listing job duties. Employers hired for value, not to fill vacate positions. Listing job duties says to an employer that you may not have the value that they desire.

Honor the employers time.

List your achievements in bullet points oppose to wordy paragraphs. Presenting your experience in a manner that employers can quickly capture produces a better opportunity for you to be recognized. Bogging your resume down with details will inspire a Human Resource personnel to pass your resume by.

Employ words that invoke strength.

Analyzed, Created, Implemented, and Produced are action words that introduce the employer to the value that you delivered to a previous organization. This translates into an increased opportunity for you to secure an interview.

Here is an example of an objective and an resume entry:

Ex of the objective: Seeking a position as a Federal Express second van driver with the objective of delivering customer's package with excellent customer service. This objective is short, specific (to the position as well as the company) and directly to the point. Also the writer use of second van driver, a term used by Fed-Ex shows the company that the applicant has research the company.

Ex of your achievements:

John Doe Delivery Service            July 2009 - Aug 2011

Delivery Driver

~Safely delivered an average of 750 packages per week

~Achieved a 99 percent service rating for those successful deliveries

~25 months of accident free deliveries

The resume entry qualifies your achievement by informing a prospective employer how many deliveries were made; what your success rate was and that you are safe and responsible - being accident free.

Here follows are two examples of poorly (real resumes) written resume objectives:

Objective 1: "To Maximize My Skills And Use My Potential TO Expand MY Career Goals To Provide A Better Future

Objective 2: "I am currently looking for a job/career that has potential for growth and advancement

The above examples offer nothing to the employers, but instead boldly suggests to the company that the applicants are only concerned about their personal needs.

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