Facts at a glance

      What We Do

          Positively impacting communities by progressively restoring families.

     How we do it


             Collaborative Group Sessions,

             Individual Counseling and/or Coaching Sessions,

          Why We Do It

    Family is the redemptive value of society. While our services are not rendered "exclusively" to the African-American community it is the community of African-Americans that we primarily focus our services.

    The fabric of our community is rapidly being shredded by poor decisions. Seventy-two percent of African-American children are born into single parent households usually being headed by women. Marriage, which has proven to be critical to the success of families no matter the ethnicity, possesses little value to a large populace of the African-American community. We marry less than any other ethnic group and get divorced more often. Children are growing up in disjointed homes, in the grip of fractured communities. Subsequently improvised mindsets become the norm and legacies of brokenness become the bastion.

    If we are going to rise up and carry on the legacies of our ancestors who fought and died for our liberties - FAMILY - must return to be the foundation on which strong communities are erected.

         Services Rendered

               Behavioral Management (Anger)

               Parenting Mediation

               Fatherhood Development

               Marriage and Relationship Education

               Employment and Career Education

               Counseling Service (Individuals and Families)

         Who We Service

               Youth (13-18)

               Young Adults (18-24)



               Women (Group sessions facilitated by Mrs. Peachie Pleasants Williams)

    Contact Us at 1(301) 485-9624.