Employment Videos

  • Job Interviewing Advice

    Experts share the importance of research; research the company, the industry as well as making sure you have engaged in some self research.

  • Asking Questions

    It goes without saying that the interviewer will be asking you questions. However the question is do you realize how important it is for you to have a serious of questions prepared to ask the interviewer.

  • 3 Tips

    Jon Mercer shares 3 important interviewing, but his advice on fear is powerful.

  • Look right for the part

    You won't get the job because you've dress for success, but you can lose it because you didn't.

  • Ex-offenders: Staying Positive

    Being hired is difficult for all citizens, especially ex-offenders. However one of the keys to gaining employment is staying positive. Everytime you fail to get a yes at your interview will successfully identify for you something that doesn't work.

  • Don't Quit

    Jerald Lewis once had to answer to Federal Inmate #15922-076, but now he is know as Coach Jae, a life coach and mentor who uses his story to motivate and guide ex-offenders successfully transition back into society.

    Check out Coach Jae
  • Moving from change to progress

    Tony Robbins tells us that your push will never get you what you want; it's your push. He ask: is your vision compelling? Is your reasoning strong enough to get you through the times when the going gets tough.


"Prepare, Properly Present and continue to Practice to Perfect your Professional Presentation.

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